Fresh Off The Press | The Brothers of Chico Dusty Mixtape

For fans of both Big Boi and The Blacks Keys, do yourself a favor and download this mixtape. Wick-it mixes the vocals from Big Boi's Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty and music from The Black Keys' Brothers. I can't even choose a favorite song on the mixtape! It's that good. Honestly one of the best mixtapes I've ever heard, derived from two of my favorite albums that released this year. Stay tuned for ListenUp's top ten lists of 2010. Happy holidays and ListenUp!

Bring It Back | Sky High

DJ Benzi, Plain Pat & Kanye bring you some of the best remixes in this mixtape. I actually listened to this today at work, it brought back some good memories. Good music. Download it

Music Visual | My Days

I just heard about this super rad new 8 person rap/indie/rock group called "Kids These Days" about a week ago; My girl has some pretty good taste in music. I love the unique sound they are creating, Vic Mensa has a sick rap style. Peep the video below:

#Holla | Lusteg

We were featured on Ryan Lusteg's Blog... stoked! I was super surprised, honored and happy when I saw this. He is doing some amazing work, so you should check out his blog and flickr page.

Music Visual | God Bless

Curt@!n$ delivers once again, with this song over top of N.E.R.D track "God Bless Us All". Video is super rad; reminds me of 'Ye's "Good Life" video. Oh and expect to hear a great mixtape on Wednesday this week, as Curt@!n$ is releasing #Killa. Get hyped!:

Cut & Sewn | Maestro X Hall Of Fame

Levi Maestro has been killing it the last two years with his Maestro Knows project. Single handedly changed the idea of a blog/video series. Changing it for the better, while incorporating a bunch of genres (music, skateboarding, fashion, streetwear) into one big project all while documenting his life. His style, uniqueness and creativity can not be taught in a book or class room. Maestro is an artist in his own genre that noone can duplicate. 

His creativity can not only be used in a blog or video, but also in fashion and streetwear. He has released quite a few collaborations this year, with the likes of: Los Angeles jeweler Shayan Afshar, 13TH Witness,  and Yue Wu. Each having it's own hype and story behind the product. Recently, Maestro teamed up with Hall Of Fame to produce this sweatshirt: 

Maestro has always been a huge supporter of Hall Of Fame, supporting them as a shopper... as well as an occasional visit during a Maestro Knows episode. I love collaborations with a story behind the product and when they work flawlessly together. This sweater is that case, everything about it is cool and original. The front logo gives off a simplistic look to the piece, while the back tells the entire story "Making My Way To The Hall Of Fame". At the rate Levi Maestro is working and progressing... I wouldn't be surprised if they made a "Hall Of Fame" for him.

Photos by Ryan Lusteg

Fotography Fridays | Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell has changed photography forever. Documenting some of the most iconic and memorable moments of the 80's and 90's. This NYC photographer was a huge part of pop culture and help bring up some of the biggest names in hip hop and entertainment with a snap. He brought the candid approach to most of his unique and iconic photos. Capturing some of the biggest names in entertainment: Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Method Man, Easy-E, Chris Walken, and Cindy Crawford (to name a few). Capturing moments on tour, and in unique settings. He is most known for his endless amount of work with the Beastie Boys. His work stacks up to over 10 years... he famously was the alleged 4th member of the iconic hip hop group.

 There are a lot of creators around the world that wouldn't be where they are today... if it wasn't for his impact on pop culture, photography and hip hop. Still doing it today, check out his interview with Frank 151 about his new series of NYC art. I also highly suggest to any art/photography enthusiasts to check out this Ricky Powell Art Show called "SNAP!" that Momentum Marketplace is throwing down:

Local Saskatoon photographers: Chad Coombs, Geoff Warrington, and 1 Take Photography will also be showcasing their work. Support your local!

#jussayin | Inspiring

Get inspired. Work hard. Be yourself, set no limitations. Enjoy:

I know I have already posted this video, but these three videos all work well together:

As our objectives and ideals grow, these sort of videos will help us out. Staying on track of what we want as a blog/brand, keeping it real and original.

Fresh Off The Press | Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager

Although similar in several ways, Kid Cudi's sophomore album Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr.Rager doesn't quite live up to his debut: Man on the Moon: End of Day. Like End of Day, MOTM 2 takes multiple listens to truely appreciate. Both albums are dark in nature, but the atmosphere in The Legend of Mr. Rager is much more downbeat and depressing.

End of Day showed Kid Cudi's best qualities as an artist: his ability to vent, his accessibility, and his ear for excellent beats. With The Legend of Mr.Rager, all these qualities are downplayed. Two problems I've always had with Cudi are his limited vocal abilities and his sometimes indecipherable mumble-rap. It wasn't a huge inconvenience in End of Day, but with The Legend of Mr. Rager, it's a chore to understand most of Cudi's poorly enunciated verses. This in turn ruined the accessibility of most of the songs; regardless of the music.

On the topic of the music, majority of the beats here aren't nearly as well-crafted as they were on his debut, which shined with production from the likes of Kanye West and Ratatat. Many of Emile's and Plain Pat's beats sound like leftovers from End of Day that weren't good enough to make the cut. The combination of boring beats and Kid Cudi's mumbling make for a sloppy album. That's not to say that all the songs are bad, it's just that many of them have the potential to be better, resulting in an inconsistent effort. Speaking of inconsistency, the album's breakout single: Erase Me, doesn't fit in with the album's tone at all, and it's inclusion on the album feels forced. Although Man on the Moon II fails to live up to Kid Cudi's ability, there are enough choice cuts t0 salvage the album from total disaster.


Choice Cuts:
Scott Mescudi Vs. The World ft. Cee-Lo Green
Don't Play This Song ft. Mary J. Blige
Mr. Rager
These Worries ft. Mary J. Blige
The End ft. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper, Nicole Wray
All Along
Trapped in My Mind

Fotography Fridays | Atiba Jefferson

When you think of Atiba Jefferson, you think of the best skateboard photographers of all-time. He has captured some of the most iconic and memorable moments in skateboarding, while making them look flawless. Maybe I was just a little too focused or uneducated? Little did I know,  he has worked with some of the biggest non-skateboarding brands in the world (Pepsi, ESPN, Adidas, and Nike ...too name a few). As well as, some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment (Kanye West, Lebron James, Shaun White, Eric Koston, Reggie Bush, and Snoop Dogg... too name a few). I find it mind boggling: that he finds enough time to share his art with so many different audiences. Still being the best at whatever he does, he is a natural behind the lens.

Not only does he spend time doing photography, some of his down time is spent skating and playing in The Goat & The Occasional Others. Check out some of my favorites: 

Andrew Reynolds// Frontside Flip// Vancouver "Go Skateboarding Day" 2009
This is probably one of my all time favorite skate photo's. Two beasts doing what they do best.

Paul Rodriguez Jr.
Basically the Michael Jordan of skateboarding. Have you seen his Plan B part?!

Allen Iverson// The Pursuit Of Happiness // SLAM Magazine Issue #107 
I actually have had this in my bedroom for three and a half years now, I was a huge Allen Iverson fan. I used to get a subscription to the magazine every year, I did not know Atiba took the photo. 

Kanye West

Lupe Fiasco
This is rad. I think this was around when 'Food & Liquor' was released. Before he became a household name.

Hollywood Fires
I want this in a frame.

Love the colours.

Fans in the desert
I was in Palm Springs in the summer, and there were a ridiculous amount of these.

This could be a movie poster or album art. So dope.

#jussayin | Maestro Knows: My Friend Benny Gold

All I can/want to say is: Stay true to yourself, your dreams, your heritage, and your brand. Never drift away from what got you where you started, grow with your true self. Never try to be something your not. Benny Gold is that kind of guy: genuine and real. Check out what he is all about: