California: Day 6. (July 20th, 2010)

Today, we decided to check out an area near the bay, where they have little souvenir shops and interesting restaurants. We experienced a little rain and cold today, which was a little weird for Cali.
We sat on the patio at this Italian Restaurant, it seemed really dirty there... the food was good. But there was a lot of pigeons hanging around the tables. I was really annoyed and irritated by the pigeons and the little italian boy behind that tree... He kept on yelling, and running at the pigeons. I wanted to throw him in the bay.

Example 1: Pigeon on Table.

Example 2: Pigeons lurking.

This man really put a smile on my face(standing up with grey hair). He was heavily intoxicated and singing italian songs to everyone he could see. Party animal, that everyone didn't want to talk to. I did, he was rad. Serenading the woman. My future...

WDWWT (Just Do It Tee, 10 DEEP Shorts, Green Janoski's)
We then hit up a mall to do some shopping. There was a lot of rad shops in the mall, basically department stores and women's clothing. So, I just cruised around the mall. I actually purchased a hot beverage in the mall that was how cold it was, #OutdoorMallsInCali. Throughout the whole trip, I wanted to buy a couple of tank tops, so I checked out Macy's. Not only did they have tank tops... they were on sale for $9 and they were playing Wale "Beautiful Girls" (one of my favorite songs). This was the 'hippest' Macy's I have ever seen.

After leaving the mall, I wanted to check out 5&ADime. 5&ADime is a local SanDiego streetwear boutique, specializing in exclusive brands. The shop was really rad, looked liked an old school cigar shop (if I knew what that looked like). Basically made of wood. haha. The staff was really rad, and product was really nice too. Check out what I bought:

They even wrapped it up.

Pretty cheap too.

LA Dodgers Spin Off from Barney Zone.

Henley Tank Top from Amongst Friends.