Fotography Fridays | Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell has changed photography forever. Documenting some of the most iconic and memorable moments of the 80's and 90's. This NYC photographer was a huge part of pop culture and help bring up some of the biggest names in hip hop and entertainment with a snap. He brought the candid approach to most of his unique and iconic photos. Capturing some of the biggest names in entertainment: Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Method Man, Easy-E, Chris Walken, and Cindy Crawford (to name a few). Capturing moments on tour, and in unique settings. He is most known for his endless amount of work with the Beastie Boys. His work stacks up to over 10 years... he famously was the alleged 4th member of the iconic hip hop group.

 There are a lot of creators around the world that wouldn't be where they are today... if it wasn't for his impact on pop culture, photography and hip hop. Still doing it today, check out his interview with Frank 151 about his new series of NYC art. I also highly suggest to any art/photography enthusiasts to check out this Ricky Powell Art Show called "SNAP!" that Momentum Marketplace is throwing down:

Local Saskatoon photographers: Chad Coombs, Geoff Warrington, and 1 Take Photography will also be showcasing their work. Support your local!