Otherside (Ryan Lewis Remix) - Macklemore feat. Fences

One of my favorite all time non-album(Mixtape/EP) is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' VS. EP. Truly, the emcee/producer duo change the way I viewed and treated music. I have listened the that EP for almost a year every single day. After a year of almost no music from the duo. They are working on re-releasing the EP with remixes and bonus tracks from numerous Producers/DJs.
I love it when you can feel the artist's feelings in the songs.
'With sparse piano, a backing choir and strings, Macklemore and Mansfield’s stories are exposed. Two young artists who have struggled with addiction and are producing their best work sober, have crossed genres to create one of the most innovative collaborations of the year.  The song that served as rehabilitation for not only Macklemore but fans alike, is heightened by Mansfield’s crisp confessional improving upon what was already a heart-aching anthem.'-Unknown

Long Hot Summer - Reflection Eternal

Oh how I miss summer! Reflection Eternal is the shit! Go buy : Revolutions Per Minute.