100 Days of Summer | part 10

Tonight, I had an awesome opportunity to see The Black Keys live at TCU Place. Aristo and myself were supposed to go together but tickets sold out, Asif surprised me with an extra ticket! I was so stoked.

The show was so good! Everything you can expect and more. Great performers, the lighting and sound were amazing. Performed songs from the new album "Brothers"(may have seen on "ListenUp's Top 10's... here and here) and even some older songs. This duo (from Akron, Ohio) thoroughly impressed me with their live performance. If you haven't heard any music from The Black Keys, I suggest you go buy their albums and even see them live! With that being said...

Download: "Everlasting Light" - The Black Keys

100 Days of Summer | part 8

I have a really broad taste for music. This next track might throw a lot of people off... but Florence + The Machine is one of my favourite new artists. Florence Welch's angelic powerful voice accompanied by a group symphony of talented musicians is something you should not ignore. I suggest you to listen to the live track below, download the track and buy the album ("Lungs"). ListenUp.

Download: "Cosmic Love" - Florence + The Machine

Fresh Off The Press | Finally Famous: The Album

I'll admit it. I most definitely slept on Big Sean. In fact, I have yet to listen to a single one of his mixtapes. The first time I heard him rap was on Kanye West's Good Friday, where Big Sean left little to no impression on me. However, after hearing that No I.D was behind the boards on his debut, there was no doubt in my mind that even if his "raps were wack" No I.D's production would be enough to salvage the album. In a way, my predictions rung true.

After a thorough listen of Finally Famous, I have only two qualms regarding Big Sean as an artist. Firstly, although Big Sean is able to time his verses to the beat most of the time, he often tries to rush his rhymes, which forces him to play catch up at the start of his next verse. Secondly, Big Sean shows humorous wordplay but almost no substance. Instead of using his platform to discuss more meaningful issues such as his struggle to break into the industry, the pressures of sudden celebrity, or even to perhaps tell a story, damn near every song is about the most typical topics in hip-hop (girls and money). However, if you're like me and are able to enjoy "mainstream hip-hop" as long as the production is tight, you will definitely enjoy most of this album. No I.D's production is marvelous enough to make up for most of Big Sean's lyrical shortcomings.

On Finally Famous, Big Sean shows several strengths: his ear for good beats and his ability to write songs that appeal to a large audience. However, he needs to focus on writing more compelling subject matter if he wants to be considered one of the greats further down the line.


Replay Button Music:

I Do It

Wait For Me ft. Lupe Fiasco

Memories Part II ft. John Legend

High ft. Wiz Khalifa & Chiddy Bang

Celebrity ft. Dwele

100 Days of Summer | part 7

Just because 'The Old Prince' has been on repeat in my car all week... I will share with you one of my favourite tracks off of the album. 

One of my favourite verses from the album: 
I Tunes, eye-patch
I'm in the same boat where the pirates be
Tell'em I'm down with that pirate stee
They don't buy it, I say don't buy it - pirate me
If it's ill, it'll spread virally
From my received folders to
Appearin in the love that the crowds show
(shhh) if it sound dope - keep it on the downlo(ad)
Keep it real, player
With the volume cranked
And I'll be ballin like Tim Duncan - callin bank
Cash - banked it
But the bank said
That my cheque's been bouncing like the bankhead

100 Days of Summer | part 3

Earlier this year, I had the privilege to see Tokyo Police Club live @ Louis' in Saskatoon. One of the best live shows that I have ever been to. They played almost all of their songs off of their 3 studio albums, and it sounded even better live than on the albums. I have been a fan of Tokyo Police Club for a really long time (since 2005), so the concert was long overdue. 'Champ' released in 2010 (you may have seen it on 'ListenUp's Top 10's of 2010'), it is my favourite album from them and it has been playing everyday at work (Momentum Marketplace). Enjoy! ("Frankenstein" is my favourite!)

Download: 'Champ' - Tokyo Police Club

100 Days of Summer | part 1

Download: Big Sean feat. John Legend - Memories (Part II)

ListenUp. presents. 100 Days of Summer

Summer has officially started! Summer and music go hand and hand; backyard bbq's, roadtrips, music festivals, skateboarding, house parties, laying on a beach. All of these wouldn't be the same without good music and summer weather. 
I get asked everyday: "What are you listening to right now?". This Summer I am going to share what I am listening to. I have a wide range of music taste. Look forward to 100 days of music this summer. ListenUp.

Fresh Off The Press | The Original Dom Kennedy

With a long hiatus, I am back and ready to share my insight, and new endeavours in my life. Dom is the perfect summer sound, seems right to kick off the summer with The Original Dom Kennedy (released in March 2011).
*click the album art for download

Almost a year after my favorite mixtape of all time (From The Westside With Love), the Leimert Park native provides us with another chill summer collection of west coast hiphop. Feel good music with everything you can expect and more, Dom delivers matching every beat with his mono-toned, smooth voice. Sharing stories of past, present, and future. Teaming up with some young and talented California up & coming artists (cARTer, Cassie Veggies). It's crazy that this was a stealth release; the public had no idea that this project was even underway... the production, rhymes, beats, and mixtape as a whole is on point... even every track has it's own artwork...

Here are a couple of music visuals...

You can look forward to more DOM in... From The Westside With Love II (2 weeks from today... June 28th). 

Stay tuned for a new project, I am working on...