100 Days of Summer | part 31

When two styles of hip-hop collide... shit gets good.

Download: "Trouble On My Mind" - Pusha T ft. Tyler The Creator

100 Days of Summer | part 30

Remember when Wale and Wiz Khalifa had dignity? Before Maybach Music and Rolling Papers?... Enjoy!

Download: "The Breeze (Cool)" - Wale ft. Wiz Khalifa

100 Days of Summer | part 29

This song gets more play than the original. Enjoy!

Download: Runaway (4rm A G.O.O.D. Man) f. Smoke DZAJesse Boykins III

100 Days of Summer | part 28

Download: "General Patton" - Big Boi

Cut & Sewn | HUF Summer Collection 2011

HUF has done a great job with their presentation; represented by an elite group of skaters, focusing on staying true to the brand, working on collaborations that relate to the brand, countless footwear commercials, and executing a fun unique collection every season. I have a hard time saying "I don't like this" to anything HUF. The creative minds behind the brand make sure they execute a clean and creative concept to each piece. In my opinion, I think HUF is here to stay... and will grow to be one of the greats.

Recently, I had a conversation with Asif about surrounding yourself around creative minds to help grow each other. With that being said, I can say HUF influenced my sudden urge to be creative and grow as a creative mind. I have always seen myself as an artist (graphic design, painting, drawing), lately I been coming up with some ideas that I want to execute. You can expect to see a more creative aspect on ListenUp. I can't wait to share.

*"365 Project" - 119/365  
Ryan, and I have been sharing thoughts and ideas of a creative way to display a 'look'. Showcasing the 'look' with the activity behind the 'look'. Seeing as HUF just put out one of my favourite collections this Summer, we wanted to share some of my favourites from the collection and using Dom Kennedy's "Grind'n" as some mood setting music. Enjoy!

filmed by Ryan
edited by Ryan & Brennan

We look forward to producing more, so stay tuned!

100 Days of Summer | part 22

I have really been overdosing on OverDoz. ... Enjoy!

Download: "ifyouthrowitimmacatchit" - OverDoz.

100 Days of Summer | part 21

Earlier this week I finally purchased The National's fifth album, 'High Violent' (featured them on ListenUp's Top 10's). Such a smooth album, I suggest you to pick it up. Enjoy!

Download: "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" - The National

100 Days of Summer | part 20

'Timez Are Weird These Days' will be great. This is a nice remix of the single for the album.

Download: "Why Even Try" (RAC remix) - Theophilus London feat. Sara Quin

100 Days of Summer | part 19

Download: "In The Morning" - J.Cole ft. Drake

100 Days of Summer | part 18

Probably one of my favourite new groups right now, they even have a Neptunes co-sign... You know they are good then. Enjoy!

Download: 'Paradise Falls' - Mansions On The Moon

100 Days of Summer | part 17

On Saturday, Ryan (Hello Saskatoon) and myself were discussing the N*E*R*D/The Neptunes before their most recent albums 'Seeing Sounds' and the most recent, 'Nothing'. Reminiscing on old songs and the production behind it, comparing new artists to N*E*R*D and discussing the similarities/differences. It's funny to think that 'In Search Of...' was released 9 years ago (that was when I was 11 years old), and I now realize that N*E*R*D were a huge influence on my taste in music and fashion. With that being said... it encouraged me to take a listen to some of the songs that really influenced me as a kid. Enjoy!

Download: "Rock Star" - N*E*R*D
Download: "Maybe" - N*E*R*D
Download: "Us Placers" - CRS (Pharrell, Lupe, Kanye)

100 Days of Summer | part 16

'For Emma, Forever Ago' was the first time I heard of Bon Iver. Super mellow raw acoustic with strong vocals; The type of music you would listen to laying in your room while you sleep, or while driving around on a rainy day. Bon Iver delivers everytime with emotional meaningful music. I recently stumbled on 2 pieces of work that I never knew was released, 'Blood Bank EP' (2009) and 'Bon Iver' (2011). Both sound completely different than the first album, but in their own ways. 'Blood Bank EP' has a similar sound as the first album, with stronger vocals and a bit less of 'whiny' sound. 'Bon Iver' (the album) sounds fresh and new, less vocals with more instruments; This album in my opinion is completely different than any other music they have released... which may have been the reason for it being self titled (established a new sound; starting fresh).

The past 2 weeks I have had these two albums on repeat: at home and at the shop. Seeing as I believe in supporting musicians I will be purchasing hard copies of these albums ASAP and I want you to too! I like both of these albums from front to back, so I had a tough time picking a favourite song, so I picked the first song from both. Enjoy!

Download: "Blood Bank" - Bon Iver
Download: "Perth" - Bon Iver

100 Days of Summer | part 15

Dom Kennedy is producing really good music! Go purchase the newest work from the Leimert Park native, "From The Westside With Love II".

Download: "O.P.M." - Dom Kennedy

100 Days of Summer | part 14

Growing up in high-school listening to 'The Bake Sale' and dressing like Mikey Rocks, I would say The Cool Kids were a big influence in my life. They changed my taste in music and fashion...
Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks are like the Batman and Robin of Hip-Hop. Chuck Inglish produces crazy beats and grabs the mic from time to time, Mikey Rocks has a smooth and smart sound, they are unstoppable when they work together. This year Mikey Rocks put together a solo mixtape, with the help of Chuck Inglish's production and beats. Two words can explain the sound: mature and summer. This is one of my favourite releases from the group. I hope you enjoy! ListenUp.
Download: 'The Rocks Report' - Sir Michael Rocks

100 Days of Summer | part 13

Donald Glover is like the Lebron James of entertainment, he can be in more than one position at a time and still kill it; Hip-Hop Artist, Musician, Actor, Comedian, and Writer. Donald Glover goes by Childish Gambino behind the mic, his rap-style is comparable to Drake but on a whole new level. If you haven't heard any work from Childish, you are missing out...

Smart and witty joke rap over a Grizzly Bear sample... can't get much better than that. He puts punch-line style rappers on the sidelines (Drake). ListenUp.
Download: "Bitch, Look At Me Now" - Childish Gambino

100 Days of Summer | part 12

Tonight... De La... Grind'n...

100 Days of Summer | part 11

To commemorate today, here is Canada's very own with some new music. Happy Canada Day. Enjoy!

Download: "Trust Issues" - Drake