100 Days of Summer | part 16

'For Emma, Forever Ago' was the first time I heard of Bon Iver. Super mellow raw acoustic with strong vocals; The type of music you would listen to laying in your room while you sleep, or while driving around on a rainy day. Bon Iver delivers everytime with emotional meaningful music. I recently stumbled on 2 pieces of work that I never knew was released, 'Blood Bank EP' (2009) and 'Bon Iver' (2011). Both sound completely different than the first album, but in their own ways. 'Blood Bank EP' has a similar sound as the first album, with stronger vocals and a bit less of 'whiny' sound. 'Bon Iver' (the album) sounds fresh and new, less vocals with more instruments; This album in my opinion is completely different than any other music they have released... which may have been the reason for it being self titled (established a new sound; starting fresh).

The past 2 weeks I have had these two albums on repeat: at home and at the shop. Seeing as I believe in supporting musicians I will be purchasing hard copies of these albums ASAP and I want you to too! I like both of these albums from front to back, so I had a tough time picking a favourite song, so I picked the first song from both. Enjoy!

Download: "Blood Bank" - Bon Iver
Download: "Perth" - Bon Iver

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