Music Visual | Locals Only

Here is the official video short-film for Dom Kennedy's second single off of his most recent mixtape: "Westside With Love". The talented creators at The Top Shelf Company shot this amazing in-depth visual to accompany his ever so talented flow.

In "Locals Only", Dom is captured in train stations waiting for a train.  The chorus being "When the train stops this time // I'm gonna catch it" it seems perfect for the video to be taken place in a train station, but if you think past the lyrics; you can understand the true meaning: anticipating the next step, and making the progression. While Dom is on the train he sits next to this beautiful woman and eventually makes small talk, and she gets his number. Although, when they arrive, she is greeted by a man; Sometimes when anticipating the next step, it changes... so work with the change and move on.

I hope you liked my 'take' on it. If you think I made no sense at all, hope you noticed the verse at the end of the video, which was not in the original track! #hype