Top 10 Most Anticipated 2011 Albums of 2010

#10 Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang: Raekwon is officially stepping out of the RZA's umbrella with his fifth studio album. Instead of production by the RZA, it looks like Scram Jones, Erick Sermon, DJ Khalil, The Alchemist and more are lacing the Chef with their beats. Based on his knack for making excellent albums, I know Raekwon is serving up another Wu-banger.

#9 Swift and Changeable: MF DOOM X Ghostface Killah. Nuff’ said.

#8 NaS’ tenth studio album: It’s high time NaS got down to business. The legendary emcee has already been requested to make collaborative albums with Kanye West, the RZA, J. Cole and DJ Premier respectively! NaS has stated that he would be working with none other than the greatest on this one, and has additionally named Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz and The Alchemist as other possible producers. 

#7 Lasers: Lupe Fiasco’s third studio album was slated to be released early this year, but due to creative differences with his label Atlantic (aka. the studio wanting to force the direction of the album and make radio hits), the album was shelved. Fortunately, fans petitioned for the release, and Lasers will finally see the light of day. Check out the singles: Shining Down, I’m Beaming and The Show Goes On. 

#6 Mos Def on G.O.O.D Music: One of my favourite lyricists of all-time has signed to Kanye’s high profile label G.O.O.D. Music. Mos Def sounds best on soulful beats, and Kanye West is well known for his excellent soul samples. Perhaps they can make an album among the lines of Black On Both Sides?

#5 The Believer: Apparently, Common has been working exclusively with producers Kanye West and No I.D. for his upcoming G.O.O.D release. Given that this trio have been responsible for three of Common’s best albums (Resurrection, Be and Finding Forever), this will undoubtedly make up for the disappointment that was Universal Mind Control.

#4 Watch The Throne: Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaborative album. They’ve made nothing but great music together in the past, so this should be amazing. Although Kanye has been known to work behind the boards, he may have enlisted the likes of the RZA, Q-Tip, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and others including himself to produce the upcoming album. Check out the single H.A.M produced by Lex Luger.

#3 Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier: Two of my favorite hip-hop producers of all-time are competing on one album. 12 tracks in total, 6 tracks each. DJ Premier recently revealed that he has recruited the GZA and Beatnuts for two of his songs. This is the definition of hip-hop, and I simply cannot wait for this release!

#2 J. Cole’s Debut Album: I’ve been listening to J. Cole for nearly 2 years now. Based on his last three mixtapes, lyrical ability, and dedication to perfection, there is no doubt in my mind J. Cole’s debut will be something special. Many have deemed it to be the next Illmatic. Hopefully it delivers on the hype!

#1 Detox: After waiting a decade for Dr. Dre’s project to drop, how could this NOT be number one on my list? I literally grew up listening to 2001 (thanks cuz!). “Kush” better not be a sign of things to come, or else it’s slated to become number one on my list of greatest album disappointments of all-time. That said, though I have high expectations for the album, I also have faith in Dr. Dre’s knack for perfection.

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Top 10 Purchases of 2010

#10 Comune Denim & Pants - Bought these both at Momentum 8th. Probably my most worn pants I own. The fit is spectacular, and quality is what you can expect for what you are paying. 

#9 Ransom Work Shirt - On my staff trip in the spring, picked this up at Haven in Edmonton. Awesome fit, and quality. The convertible sleeves make it functional for any season. Luckily for me, I got it on sale for $80 instead of $160. 

#8 10 Deep Flannel - Picked these both up at Momentum Marketplace. Probably my favorite pieces to layer. Well designed and fitted. Functional for most seasons, has convertible sleeves, roll them up on a summer night. If you haven't already tried any 10 Deep button-downs before, I suggest you to do so.

#7 Nike Sportswear Dunk High Supreme X Futura - The ever-so-talented Futura teamed up with his most-frequent collaborator, Nike, to produce this hella tight piece of footwear. The rip-stop nylon is covered with a almost camo tiger print, accompanied by a gum sole. These were released in late late 2009, after waiting 14 days (employee policy) I picked these up in early 2010 at Momentum 8th.

#6 HUF Cruiser Jacket - Released in mid February for the Spring Collection. The first time I saw this piece, I was stoked on it but for some reason I ended up picking it up two months ago, instead of buying it when it was released (lucky no one could drop the cash for it) hahaah... Maybe the price was a little steep ($300 ish) ? Anyways, the reason why this is number 6 and closer to the bottom is because I haven't had the opportunity to put this to much use (due to the fierce Saskatchewan weather we are experiencing). I look forward to wearing this in the Spring, it will be nice for the rain and wind.

#5 Nike Sportswear Air Royal Mid VT X Harris Tweed - I am not your typical shoe collector, if I am not going to wear the shoe... I am not going to buy it. These were released in late October at Momentum 8th, at the time I was searching for a warm, yet wearable, winter shoe. They were up my alley, so I pulled the trigger. The brown premium leather accompanying a unique blend Harris signature tweed really makes this shoe unique and simple. I like that the branding is minimal, giving it the look of a boot with the features of a sneaker. 

#4 Nike SB Distressed Leather Janoski - 2010 was the year of Janoski's. Late 2009, I picked up my first pair of Janoski's and there was no looking back. The fit and comfort are like no other. After 5 more pairs, I bought the distressed leather Janoski's at Momentum Marketplace in late October. At the time I bought it to just add another Janoski to my rotation, I ended up realizing that the distressed premium leather not only looks good but it also covers up the dirt and grim that the winter brings. I wore these almost everyday in the winter, even though it isn't the warmest shoe. #JanoskisEeryday

#3 The Hundreds Reloaded Jacket - Definitely, got my moneys worth, picked this up at Momentum 8th in March; wore it ever since (once a week of course). 'Jacket like hoody' basically sums it up : nylon chest, cotton sleeves, and fleece lined. Decent fit, warmth is mediocre. Love the concept behind it (Varsity style hoody). Favorite piece from The Hundreds in 2010.

#2 Giant Bowery FMX - In May, picked this up at Outtabounds. I was interested in buying a bike for the Spring/Summer to commute to/from work everyday. I really wanted a city bike that was simple and easy to carry. The Bowery FMX is lightweight, stylish, and versatile; one speed with a flip flop (able to change to a fixed gear). Sitting at a steep price of $750 retail, I was forced to call it an invest. No complaints though, got my moneys worth. Can't wait for the snow to clear up.

#1 2009 Hyundai Accent Hatchback - In 2009, I was driving the legendary "Montecore" ('93 Plymouth Acclaim), a car that had character... well known around Saskatoon for it's roaring motor, sticker covered exterior, and hip-hop playing stereo. After an issue with the timing belt, it was time for an upgrade. Early February an signed a loan for this, black in color, Standard transmission, 2009 Hyundai Accent Hatchback. Awesome on gas, and gets me from 'A' to 'B'. No complaints. Best purchase of my life. 

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Top 10 Artists of 2010

Honorable Mention - Bobby Hundreds - I have been following The Hundreds Blog for about 5 years now, and one of the reasons was for the photography that Bobby brought to table. Originally he was just documenting the happenings of Rosewood & area; In 2010, he had his first art show in Berlin, Germany. Quite a bit of growth in a short time. Maybe next year we will see him close to the top of the list. 

#10 1Take Photography (Jeremy Marucot) - Local Photographer on the come-up! I think Jeremy has been taking photos for as long as I have known him? (4 ish years?) Anyways... 1Take Photography took off in 2010, and he killed it. Can't wait to see what's next. 

#9 Geoff Warrington - Local Photographer still holding it down! I have known Geoff for approximately 9 months now, but I have known his work for a lot longer. He has shot some of Saskatoon's best skate photos, and he kills it in other categories too. I had the opportunity to work with him in the Summer of 2010 for the Mo Market Skate Team photos. Super talented,  and funny as hell. Maybe we will work together soon? #NDK X #WBW X ListenUp. X Geoff Warrington Photography ?

#8 Neckface - I honestly hate all that scary ass shit he produces, anyone who is my friend knows that I can't watch scary movies. Anyways, the reason he made it on my list is because every single time he releases something, I find myself checking it out. He has such an original style of art, that no one can recreate. I have respect for anyone who takes there art beyond a standard style, and he is for sure beyond.

#7 Banksy - Popping up the craziest work in busy places and cities... And most of the time getting away with it. Graffiti artist of our generation who shouldn't be missed. After my girlfriend bought "Exit Through The Gift Shop" for my birthday, I have watched it about 3 times. I have so much more respect for street art now. 

#6 Atiba Jefferson - For more information check out the spread I wrote: here.

#5 Terry Richardson -The guy behind the lens for many lookbooks, album art, magazine covers and photos of 2010. He produces clean studio style work. He seems weird as hell, but the talent is spectacular. 

#4 Estevan Oriol - Teamed up with numerous of streetwear brands, and companies to produce look books and product. He does good work. Remember the Cassie X Diamond Supply Tee? Well Estevan took that photo. 

#3 Futura - He is a legend, and still killing it. Collaborated with many clothing brands, and kick started his own "Futura Laboratories" clothing brand. Still managed to kill it with the spray can too. 

#2 13th Witness - Son of Futura, he is kind-of expected to be crazy creative. I started to follow 13th's work thoroughly this year. He is in a class of his own! So talented. His photos speak for itself... check them out: here.

#1 Levi Maestro - Levi Maestro is crazy talented with a video camera. His direction and up-beat attitude is like no other. He toured with Usher, collaborated with many companies, teamed up with future legends, and continued to produce Maestro Knows episodes with acknowledgable names; all while producing product on a level of perfection, staying humble and true to himself. Definitely learn more about Levi Maestro, he is young and inspiring.

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Top 10 Babes of 2010

#10 Nicki Minaj

#9 Keri Hilson

#8 Megan Fox

#7 Eva Mendez

#6 Audrina Patridge

#5 Taylor Swift

#4 Blake Lively

#3 Katy Perry

#2 Selita Ebanks

#1 Shay Maria

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Top 10 Twitter Accounts of 2010

#10 - @DOPEITSDOM - He tweets it like it is. 

#9 - @BunBTrillOG - Two reasons: 1) #Trill 2) "Can I get a RT?"

#8 - @NickyDiamonds - Huge retweeter and he does an awesome job on updating/previewing new collaborations/product drops.

#7 - @RealWizKhalifa - Ganja references e'eryday. Hilarious.

#6 - @TheophilusL - I don't know if Theophilus is always drunk? but his tweets are always pretty ridiculous and funny.

#5 - @rainnwilson - need I say more?

#4 - @Traphik - Have you seen him on youtube? Too funny.

#3 - @MrDonaldGlover - I discovered this guy after an endless amount of retweets by some of the people I follow. All I can say is you should follow him too and he is probably one of the best young comedians of our time.

#2 - @kanyewest - 2010 was Kanye's rebirth into the media world. Twitter was perfect for one of the most outspoken entertainers of our time. After the release of #runaway, #GOODFRIDAYS, and #MBDTF; he 'shutdown' twitter. Oh ya and that Twitter beef with the twitter-less Matt Lauer was hella funny.

#1 - @BobbyHundreds - Wittiest guy on twitter, you can't help but laugh at some of his tweets. I follow him only because he could tweet about his 'glamourous' lifestyle or about product drops but he leaves that all aside. Seems like a pretty rad guy.

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