Top 10 Purchases of 2010

#10 Comune Denim & Pants - Bought these both at Momentum 8th. Probably my most worn pants I own. The fit is spectacular, and quality is what you can expect for what you are paying. 

#9 Ransom Work Shirt - On my staff trip in the spring, picked this up at Haven in Edmonton. Awesome fit, and quality. The convertible sleeves make it functional for any season. Luckily for me, I got it on sale for $80 instead of $160. 

#8 10 Deep Flannel - Picked these both up at Momentum Marketplace. Probably my favorite pieces to layer. Well designed and fitted. Functional for most seasons, has convertible sleeves, roll them up on a summer night. If you haven't already tried any 10 Deep button-downs before, I suggest you to do so.

#7 Nike Sportswear Dunk High Supreme X Futura - The ever-so-talented Futura teamed up with his most-frequent collaborator, Nike, to produce this hella tight piece of footwear. The rip-stop nylon is covered with a almost camo tiger print, accompanied by a gum sole. These were released in late late 2009, after waiting 14 days (employee policy) I picked these up in early 2010 at Momentum 8th.

#6 HUF Cruiser Jacket - Released in mid February for the Spring Collection. The first time I saw this piece, I was stoked on it but for some reason I ended up picking it up two months ago, instead of buying it when it was released (lucky no one could drop the cash for it) hahaah... Maybe the price was a little steep ($300 ish) ? Anyways, the reason why this is number 6 and closer to the bottom is because I haven't had the opportunity to put this to much use (due to the fierce Saskatchewan weather we are experiencing). I look forward to wearing this in the Spring, it will be nice for the rain and wind.

#5 Nike Sportswear Air Royal Mid VT X Harris Tweed - I am not your typical shoe collector, if I am not going to wear the shoe... I am not going to buy it. These were released in late October at Momentum 8th, at the time I was searching for a warm, yet wearable, winter shoe. They were up my alley, so I pulled the trigger. The brown premium leather accompanying a unique blend Harris signature tweed really makes this shoe unique and simple. I like that the branding is minimal, giving it the look of a boot with the features of a sneaker. 

#4 Nike SB Distressed Leather Janoski - 2010 was the year of Janoski's. Late 2009, I picked up my first pair of Janoski's and there was no looking back. The fit and comfort are like no other. After 5 more pairs, I bought the distressed leather Janoski's at Momentum Marketplace in late October. At the time I bought it to just add another Janoski to my rotation, I ended up realizing that the distressed premium leather not only looks good but it also covers up the dirt and grim that the winter brings. I wore these almost everyday in the winter, even though it isn't the warmest shoe. #JanoskisEeryday

#3 The Hundreds Reloaded Jacket - Definitely, got my moneys worth, picked this up at Momentum 8th in March; wore it ever since (once a week of course). 'Jacket like hoody' basically sums it up : nylon chest, cotton sleeves, and fleece lined. Decent fit, warmth is mediocre. Love the concept behind it (Varsity style hoody). Favorite piece from The Hundreds in 2010.

#2 Giant Bowery FMX - In May, picked this up at Outtabounds. I was interested in buying a bike for the Spring/Summer to commute to/from work everyday. I really wanted a city bike that was simple and easy to carry. The Bowery FMX is lightweight, stylish, and versatile; one speed with a flip flop (able to change to a fixed gear). Sitting at a steep price of $750 retail, I was forced to call it an invest. No complaints though, got my moneys worth. Can't wait for the snow to clear up.

#1 2009 Hyundai Accent Hatchback - In 2009, I was driving the legendary "Montecore" ('93 Plymouth Acclaim), a car that had character... well known around Saskatoon for it's roaring motor, sticker covered exterior, and hip-hop playing stereo. After an issue with the timing belt, it was time for an upgrade. Early February an signed a loan for this, black in color, Standard transmission, 2009 Hyundai Accent Hatchback. Awesome on gas, and gets me from 'A' to 'B'. No complaints. Best purchase of my life. 

Words by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan

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