Top 10 Artists of 2010

Honorable Mention - Bobby Hundreds - I have been following The Hundreds Blog for about 5 years now, and one of the reasons was for the photography that Bobby brought to table. Originally he was just documenting the happenings of Rosewood & area; In 2010, he had his first art show in Berlin, Germany. Quite a bit of growth in a short time. Maybe next year we will see him close to the top of the list. 

#10 1Take Photography (Jeremy Marucot) - Local Photographer on the come-up! I think Jeremy has been taking photos for as long as I have known him? (4 ish years?) Anyways... 1Take Photography took off in 2010, and he killed it. Can't wait to see what's next. 

#9 Geoff Warrington - Local Photographer still holding it down! I have known Geoff for approximately 9 months now, but I have known his work for a lot longer. He has shot some of Saskatoon's best skate photos, and he kills it in other categories too. I had the opportunity to work with him in the Summer of 2010 for the Mo Market Skate Team photos. Super talented,  and funny as hell. Maybe we will work together soon? #NDK X #WBW X ListenUp. X Geoff Warrington Photography ?

#8 Neckface - I honestly hate all that scary ass shit he produces, anyone who is my friend knows that I can't watch scary movies. Anyways, the reason he made it on my list is because every single time he releases something, I find myself checking it out. He has such an original style of art, that no one can recreate. I have respect for anyone who takes there art beyond a standard style, and he is for sure beyond.

#7 Banksy - Popping up the craziest work in busy places and cities... And most of the time getting away with it. Graffiti artist of our generation who shouldn't be missed. After my girlfriend bought "Exit Through The Gift Shop" for my birthday, I have watched it about 3 times. I have so much more respect for street art now. 

#6 Atiba Jefferson - For more information check out the spread I wrote: here.

#5 Terry Richardson -The guy behind the lens for many lookbooks, album art, magazine covers and photos of 2010. He produces clean studio style work. He seems weird as hell, but the talent is spectacular. 

#4 Estevan Oriol - Teamed up with numerous of streetwear brands, and companies to produce look books and product. He does good work. Remember the Cassie X Diamond Supply Tee? Well Estevan took that photo. 

#3 Futura - He is a legend, and still killing it. Collaborated with many clothing brands, and kick started his own "Futura Laboratories" clothing brand. Still managed to kill it with the spray can too. 

#2 13th Witness - Son of Futura, he is kind-of expected to be crazy creative. I started to follow 13th's work thoroughly this year. He is in a class of his own! So talented. His photos speak for itself... check them out: here.

#1 Levi Maestro - Levi Maestro is crazy talented with a video camera. His direction and up-beat attitude is like no other. He toured with Usher, collaborated with many companies, teamed up with future legends, and continued to produce Maestro Knows episodes with acknowledgable names; all while producing product on a level of perfection, staying humble and true to himself. Definitely learn more about Levi Maestro, he is young and inspiring.

Words by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan

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