Top 10 Musicians (Non Hip Hop) of 2010

Honorable Mention | Jesse Boykins III

#10 - Keri Hilson

#9 - The Arcade Fire

#8 - Kings Of Leon

#7 - Florence & The Machine

#6 - The National

#5 - M.I.A.

#4 - Vampire Weekend

#3 - Theophilus London

#2 - Tokyo Police Club

#1 - The Black Keys

Choices by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan

Top 10 Blogs/Websites of 2010

#10 - - Saskatoon's one stop for everything fresh (New product at Momentum/Momentum Marketplace/Outtabounds, events, music and news... etc).

#9 - - For info on HUF products, collabs, sales, and all other HUF related topics.

#8 - - Awesome site, showcasing new music from independent artists and hard to find music. My girlfriend actually introduced me to this, which then introduced me to 'Kids These Days'.

#7 - - Every Friday I found myself stopping by Kanye's website to download the latest 'G.O.O.D. Friday' track. Then he released 'Runaway' on his webpage. Let's just say Kanye West controlled the internet in 2010.

#6 - - The Award Tour is an independent online-based clothing line, in 2010 they had a bunch of small drops. Haiti Relief Tees, Friends & Family Collection, and Long John Beanies... well they sold out each time within 15 minutes each time... so Phil (from Award Tour) re-released each drop a second time. Guess what... they sold out again... within the hour. Huge fan base, all around the world. Street wear fiends, ultimate stop for exclusive merch. They left people like me clicking the refresh button.

#5 - - Hypebeast is a love//hate relationship for me. I hate all the Bape style of hypebeasters, drolling over exclusive ridiculous priced mediocre apparel. But I do love the webpage, I probably go there every second day... they update everyday with every genre of posts (music, videos, fashion, news).

#4 - - I have been visiting The Hundreds webpage since '05. Always good content. I like how they post about everything, in a conventional blog matter. Bobby Hundreds does an amazing job at keeping the content relevant and exclusive. 

#3 - - If you like hip hop, and if you like hearing new music... look no further.

#2 - - I was introduced to Levi Maestro in mid-2009 and I have been keeping updated with all of his Maestro Knows episodes, updates, collaborations, and product drops ever since. He opened up a new genre of reality tv, and he is the best at it. Super charismatic, and humble.

#1 - - The Madbury Club is by far the best written blogs out there right now. Being released in mid-2010, they have never dropped the ball. Go visit it, you will be impressed.

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Top 10 Up&Coming of 2010

Honorable Mention | Theophilus London

Honorable Mention | Mac Miller

#10 - Curt@!n$

#9 - Macklemore

#8 - Diggy

#7 - Big Sean

#6 - Jay Electronica

#5 - Wiz Khalifa

#4 - Cyhi Tha Prince

#3 - Dom Kennedy

#2 - Kendrick Lamar

#1 - J.Cole

Choices by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan


Honorable Mention | Chip Tha Ripper

#10 - Diggy

#9 - Mac Miller

#8 - Dom Kennedy

#7 - Yelawolf

#6 - Big Sean

#5 - Cyhi Tha Prince

#4 - Wiz Khalifa

#3 - Kendrick Lamar

#2 - Jay Electronica

#1 - J.Cole

Choices by Aristo
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan