California: Day 9. (July 23rd, 2010)

I know it's extremely weird to post about this like... 3 months later. But I don't give a fuck.

This was our last full day in California, so we wanted to have a relaxing day in the sun. My uncle being a Head Golf Professional at a PGA rated golf course (Steele Canyon), we thought golfing was a nice idea. So we 'dressed-up' in our fancy, classy and 'appropriate' golf attire. Then headed off to the course.
First off, we enjoyed a lovely meal on the nicest patio I have ever seen. I believe I had a Sirloin Burger(?)... Jennifer helped them out and became a waitress for a good whole minute.
My Aunt and Uncle are avid golfers... 
My Aunty was Women's Club Champion a lot.
We set off to the course, my Uncle (Colin Radchenko, look him up) got us on our golf carts and instructed us the etiquette of the game.
This picture seemed like a good one at the time... Rental clubs are always the way to go. I was waiting in my cart.
Never ever golf with women.

WDWWT, Golf Edition: Electric Shades, The Hundreds Cut&Sew Tee, 10DEEP Shorts, and Janoski's.
Me, Aunty Lana, Jen
The name Steele Canyon isn't just a name... It was actually a 'canyon'... hense this sign. I heard horror stories from my uncle of people driving carts off the cliffs...
The scenery was nice.
This was a farm?
Now introducing... Colin Radchenko
Lots of wildlife. Snakes and Rabbits...
Big ole clock.
After 9 holes, we felt like we were done golfing. We then enjoyed conversation and drinks in the club house.
I was super bummed that I left my business card at home. Jen and myself made lots of jokes about this.

We then all left for a mexican restaurant, we were all super tired.

This is the perks of being a champ.