Top 10 Clothing Brands of 2010

#10 - Holden - Holden released this Varsity Jacket (modeled by Tyler) in the 2010-2011 Winter Collection. It is both super water proof (20000) and breathable (10000), and it looks super sick! I dropped the ball, it was available @ Momentum 8th... 
*Photo by Jurr

#9 - Six Pack France - This European line is in a class of it's own. I purchased the nicest Six Pack oxford button-up from Momentum 8th in early 2010. If you like unique prints/images on t-shirts, it is there forte. 

#8 - Comune - Comune was introduced to me in early 2010 at Foosh! Super rad line, wearable/skateable goods. Good quality cut & sew with still being affordable and unique. From Saskatoon? check out Momentum 8th.

#7 - Supreme - I am not your typical Supreme New York follower. I am only interested in there headwear, and select cut & sew. I like that they don't stick with the conventional fabrics while designing the line. Some of my favorite purchases in 2010 were from the Supreme online shop. *personal favorites are shown above

#6 - Reigning Champ - Superior design, fit and quality. Made in Canada... Enough said.

#5 - Primitive - In 2010, Primitive came into everyone's radar. A lot of great prints and quality. California grown, and cosigned by the man himself; Paul Rodriguez. Check out Momentum Marketplace in Saskatoon, EXCLUSIVE!

#4 - Award Tour - Award Tour was probably my favorite designed line of 2010. There customer service is in a class of its own, by sending countless messages on each parcel they sent out. Independent brands like this need to be supported.

#3 - 10 Deep - Fit is probably the most important, in regards to cut & sew. The fits and quality of the denim, button-downs, cut&sew, and headwear are all really well designed. On more than one occasion, I wanted something that was already sold out. Check out Momentum & Momentum Marketplace.

#2 - The Hundreds Public Label - For info, check out the spread I wrote.

#1 - HUF - This is by far my favorite brand right now. Great quality cut&sew, footwear and denim. Awesome graphic t-shirts, and headwear. They are definitely headed in the right direction. For more info, check out Momentum & Momentum Marketplace.

Words by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan