California: Day 6. (July 20th, 2010)

Today, we decided to check out an area near the bay, where they have little souvenir shops and interesting restaurants. We experienced a little rain and cold today, which was a little weird for Cali.
We sat on the patio at this Italian Restaurant, it seemed really dirty there... the food was good. But there was a lot of pigeons hanging around the tables. I was really annoyed and irritated by the pigeons and the little italian boy behind that tree... He kept on yelling, and running at the pigeons. I wanted to throw him in the bay.

Example 1: Pigeon on Table.

Example 2: Pigeons lurking.

This man really put a smile on my face(standing up with grey hair). He was heavily intoxicated and singing italian songs to everyone he could see. Party animal, that everyone didn't want to talk to. I did, he was rad. Serenading the woman. My future...

WDWWT (Just Do It Tee, 10 DEEP Shorts, Green Janoski's)
We then hit up a mall to do some shopping. There was a lot of rad shops in the mall, basically department stores and women's clothing. So, I just cruised around the mall. I actually purchased a hot beverage in the mall that was how cold it was, #OutdoorMallsInCali. Throughout the whole trip, I wanted to buy a couple of tank tops, so I checked out Macy's. Not only did they have tank tops... they were on sale for $9 and they were playing Wale "Beautiful Girls" (one of my favorite songs). This was the 'hippest' Macy's I have ever seen.

After leaving the mall, I wanted to check out 5&ADime. 5&ADime is a local SanDiego streetwear boutique, specializing in exclusive brands. The shop was really rad, looked liked an old school cigar shop (if I knew what that looked like). Basically made of wood. haha. The staff was really rad, and product was really nice too. Check out what I bought:

They even wrapped it up.

Pretty cheap too.

LA Dodgers Spin Off from Barney Zone.

Henley Tank Top from Amongst Friends.

ListenUp. presents Power Mixtape

'Power'... to give power to; make powerful, to inspire; spur; sustain, ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.

After the recent drop of Kanye's Power Remix, ListenUp was inspired to collect music that conveyed power; in the sense of capability and accomplishment. Our Power Mixtape features songs that represent the same self-aggrandisement that Kanye puts into his art, and songs that tell the story of those who excel past their own expectations. The journey to power is epic, and our collection of songs puts you into the state of mind of someone who goes through that journey of 'The Come Up', 'The WarmUp', and 'Blow Up'. Please enjoy, download, and ListenUp.

Wake Up Everybody.

Word on the street is... this isn't the only track that will be made with John Legend and The Roots... They are supposed to be releasing a full length album in the coming months. Super stoked on this, I love soulful hip-hop. The Roots and Black Thought are one of my favorite artists, and John Legend has that pure talent. ListenUp.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty

Alongside Andre 3000, Big Boi is best known as the second half of the legendary hip-hop group OutKast. Big Boi has finally released his official debut solo album oddly titled Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Don't let the strange title throw you off; this is one of hip-hops greatest albums in years. This masterpiece flaunts big name guest-stars such as: T.I., Janelle Monae, Jamie Foxx and B.o.B and packs a refreshing sound unlike a lot of today's hip-hop. Unfortunately, OutKast's previous label and owners of OutKast music; Jive Records, locked down all collaborations between Andre and Big Boi stating it property of Jive because any music between the two artists would be considered OutKast. Two amazing songs were cut from the final tracklist, but here they are for your enjoyment. Buy the album! It's worth every penny.
Royal Flush ft. Andre 3000 & Raekwon.
Lookin For Ya ft. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown.

Red Bull Big Tune Winner Frank Dukes

When it comes to hip-hop, for me, it's all about solid production. Upon first listens, I almost never concentrate on lyrics; nothing draws me into a song like a well-produced beat. Because of my interest in the music over the message, I always look up the producer of any tracks I like. People tend to credit a track to the vocalist rather than the producer, but really, it's the producer that architects the overall direction of the song. That's why I admire artistic minds like Kanye West. Their music is inspiring. And beatmaking is catching on...
The Red Bull Big Tune Competition pits young producers against each other, trying to get the loudest cheers from a crowd that determines who has the best beats. Winner of this competition gets to choose an artist of their choice to collaborate on a song. Last years winner was Frank Dukes, who chose Ghostface Killah to rock the mic. Check out their final product.

Power Remix ft. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz

Now that's how you remix a song! Kanye kills it. His album's gonna be album of the year! Get listenin' here.

Award Tour.

Phil just dropped this photo of the upcoming Award Tour Fall Collection. This is going to be dope. Can't wait to pick up a couple tees.

Janoski-Grey Canvas.

As you probably know, Janoski's signature shoe is by far my favorite. Super comfortable, fits great, and looks rad. Well these grey canvas have just caught my eye, available at Momentum Marketplace and will be on my feet very soon. ListenUp.

Fotography Fridays.

All photos taken by this lovely woman:

Her name is Yumna. Look her up.

What Did We Wear Today? Cali Edition. (In N Out)

Vans Tee, 10 DEEP shorts, White Perf Janoski's

California: Day 5. (July 19th, 2010)

After, arriving back to SanDiego, we got hungry. So, we searched for the nearest In N Out Burger. GPS helped haha. I was so stoked.
Like a diamond in the rough.

This is me, smiling.

The atmosphere in the restaurant, was like an old school diner. Staff was friendly and restaurant was clean.

After seeing this sign... my expectations were high.

This is the menu... Simple, Cheap and Fast. I order two double-double's, fries and a chocolate shake.

So intriguing. 

Since 1948, began as a small diner in San Diego area, now is Nationally (Internationally(?)) known.

I asked for a hat, souvenir.

Burgers were so good, cheesy, juicy and filled me up. I washed it all down with this mexican beer called "Tecate"... one of the best beers I have ever had.

Power - Kanye West

We are so excited for October 12th. Kanye is going to change the game with this album.

Until Next Summer

 The Hundreds has helped Alexander grow in the past couple of years, and I honestly don't think myself or yourself would know who Alexander Spit was, if it wasn't for them giving him a voice through streetwear. With that being said... This mixtape has honestly been on repeat all day. Spit 'spits' it hard on this mixtape, cleverly titled "Until Next Summer". Best I have heard from him for sure.

Support the come up! Download the mixtape: here.

California: Day 3,4,5. (July 17th-19th, 2010)

Early Friday morning, we drove down to Indio(near Palm Springs, 2 hour drive from San Diego) to stay in my Aunty and Uncle's Vacation Home. Basically, they go there every other weekend and also rent it out to "vacationers".
Here is the humble abode:

Here is where i slept... except on the floor at the end of the bed.
The Living Room:

The Dining Room, and Backdoor to the pool:

The 'dopest' kitchen:

Front entrance:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Pool and 50 degree Celcius weather:

We spent every hour in the pool during the day, from brushing out teeth in the AM to bedtime:

My Uncle Colin is hilarious, and he tells great stories:

I look like a child/Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

This is Lacey, she is blind in one eye, and completely deaf in both ears. She is awesome.

On our way home, scenery was beautiful:

Uncle Colin and myself had a great conversation on the way home:

Driving in California is ridiculous.