Red Bull Big Tune Winner Frank Dukes

When it comes to hip-hop, for me, it's all about solid production. Upon first listens, I almost never concentrate on lyrics; nothing draws me into a song like a well-produced beat. Because of my interest in the music over the message, I always look up the producer of any tracks I like. People tend to credit a track to the vocalist rather than the producer, but really, it's the producer that architects the overall direction of the song. That's why I admire artistic minds like Kanye West. Their music is inspiring. And beatmaking is catching on...
The Red Bull Big Tune Competition pits young producers against each other, trying to get the loudest cheers from a crowd that determines who has the best beats. Winner of this competition gets to choose an artist of their choice to collaborate on a song. Last years winner was Frank Dukes, who chose Ghostface Killah to rock the mic. Check out their final product.

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