The Joy ft. Pete Rock, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & Kid Cudi

Thank you Kanye, for delivering on G.O.O.D Fridays. For the first time ever, Jay-Z spits over a smooth Pete Rock beat. Bring on Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch The Throne and that Pete Rock vs. DJ Premier project! Happy Halloween weekend and ListenUp!

G.O.O.D. Fridays

If you don't already know about this... You must be asleep.

Kanye has been releasing 'hype' tracks every Friday for free on his website. Collaborating with the best, on the dopest beats. Here is what he has laid down:

Tomorrow is Friday. Get hyped. ListenUp.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Official Music Video)

DJ A-Trak + DJ Armand Van Helden = Duck Sauce. This song is so catchy! Peep the Boney M sample and cameos from a host of musical artists like Pharrell, Kanye West, ?uestlove and DJ Premier. ListenUp!


Creativity is a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts. Thinking for yourself, and your art. Being abstract, and thinking outside the box. Pushing all boundaries over, not letting critics let you think differently.

As you may, or may not have known; Kanye West has recently released his newest endeavor, "Runaway". A short 34-minute film shot in Prague, directed/starred/story by Mr. West. Showcasing, his creativity/ideas/story all while... endorsing his ever-so celebrated 5th studio album: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"(releasing November 23rd). The movie features quite a few songs, that will be featured on the new album; including "All Of The Lights", featuring an abundant of artists.

Kanye presents an endless amount of colour in each scene, each with different meanings(?). He used a lot of colour that all seemed to work well together: mauve, teal, off white, salmon, taupe and cream; to name a few. If you look at Ye's other work: Yeezy's, Louie Vuitton shoes, past album art, and his style; you can see the similarities. Kanye is a visionary, that's why he can get away with producing any medium of art (Artist, Designer, Director, Musician, Producer, Writter). The 'dining' scene showcases a large amount of African American men and women, being served by caucasian men and women; which is stirring up some peoples views. But, Ye assured that, he wasn't the vision behind that scene.

The whole story is placed around the character "Phoenix"(played by the gorgeous: Selita Ebanks), who fell from the sky in a burning fireball. Mr. West's character ("Griffin") rescues her. While the Phoenix is on earth, she is treated different in the social environments. But, at the same time she teaches him about 'rising from the ashes' as she returns home. This whole idea of a "Phoenix" is purely based on a metaphor. As we all know, Kanye disappeared from the 'limelight' after the biggest story of 2009. His career was 'turned to ashes' as he left the country to work on his creativity, views, and personal life; to avoid all contact with media. Now, Kanye's career is so large and excepted by many as he 'rises from the ashes'. 

If you haven't seen the film, check it out: ListenUp. Put your own feelings and ideas of the movie into your head, take it how you want.

After the movie aired on BET & MTV, Kanye met up with Rocsi (BET) and Sway (MTV); to answer questions about the film. Including speaking about: "Watch The Throne", rock music, his creative process, his mother, G.O.O.D. Music roster, G.O.O.D. Fridays, and the 5th studio album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy".

We Can Do It Now - Common, Lupe Fiasco & Jennifer Hudson

Not sure what this project is for, but regardless, this song is mad nice. Common and Lupe do their thing, Jennifer Hudson on the hook, No I.D. on the boards. ListenUp.

G.O.O.D. Music / Rosewood

This is soooo G.O.O.D!

Check out this video of Big Sean and G.O.O.D. Music/Rosewood on the set at XXL. They were recently featured in this month's issue. Go pick up a copy, I got mine. G.O.O.D. Music is on fire right now.

Cyhi The Prince

The newest member of Kanye's label (G.O.O.D. Music) has been on my radar the last couple of weeks; being featured on a couple of the 'G.O.O.D. Friday' tracks (So Appalled & Take One For The Team). The rapper from Georgia, recently released his 'Royal Flush' Mixtape; the mixtape showcases his story(coming up from the streetlife), hip hop lifestyle(the motivation coming up in the game), club life, and his love life. I honestly have been listening to this mixtape almost all week; He is my favorite new rapper right now. I am comparing his sound to: Wiz Khalifa & Jeezy.

Check out this video of Cyhi, explaining his current rap life & the mixtape:

Download the mixtape: here.

Check out his live performance of "So Appalled".

Crazy Cop.

Kid Cudi Talks Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr.Rager

Cudi's sophomore album will be released November 9th.

KiD CuDi- Erase Me ft. Kanye West. (Official Video)

Super funny video. Still thinks it sounds a lot like Weezer.

Otherside (Ryan Lewis Remix) - Macklemore feat. Fences

One of my favorite all time non-album(Mixtape/EP) is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' VS. EP. Truly, the emcee/producer duo change the way I viewed and treated music. I have listened the that EP for almost a year every single day. After a year of almost no music from the duo. They are working on re-releasing the EP with remixes and bonus tracks from numerous Producers/DJs.
I love it when you can feel the artist's feelings in the songs.
'With sparse piano, a backing choir and strings, Macklemore and Mansfield’s stories are exposed. Two young artists who have struggled with addiction and are producing their best work sober, have crossed genres to create one of the most innovative collaborations of the year.  The song that served as rehabilitation for not only Macklemore but fans alike, is heightened by Mansfield’s crisp confessional improving upon what was already a heart-aching anthem.'-Unknown

Long Hot Summer - Reflection Eternal

Oh how I miss summer! Reflection Eternal is the shit! Go buy : Revolutions Per Minute.

Kanye on Ellen.

Kanye being one of my favorite artists and Ellen is fricken hilarious. I liked this video alot. The end is real funny, "I just thought the diamonds were cooler".

All Of The Lights.

Word on the street is that Kanye's 3rd single off of "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (Releases on November 23rd) will feature 11 artists on one song! I am so stoked for this. Here is the line-up:
-Alicia Keys
-Charlie Wilson
-Elly Jackson (La Roux)
-Elton John
-John Legend
-KiD CuDi
-Ryan Leslie
-Tony Williams

Award Tour "Friends & Family" Lookbook Video - Filmed&Edited by: Vinny Piccone

This video is so hype. It makes me feel like I was there. I'm going to for sure pick up a couple tee's on the re-release this week.
It's really inspiring watching a bunch of creator's make such an impact on such a large market(Streetwear/Fashion) with such a minimal-istic idea. Treating it as an artform and lifestyle, rather then a way to make money.
ListenUp is working on its clothing designs as we speak, and I can assure you. We are treating this as an artform, and we are going to make ever detail count.

All City Chess Club.

All City Chess Club, when I heard about this I was amazed. It's like when you are captain of a elementary recess game and you pick all the right players... and you fuckin' win every time. Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell are 'mentoring' some of the best emcee's on there, 'Come Up'. With the likes of Wale, Asher Roth, Diggy, B.O.B, J.Cole and Charles Hamilton; I see only good things coming out of this.

Here is a track they released this week. Remixing Lupe's "I'm Beamin'". Featuring: Asher Roth, B.o.B, Blu, Charles Hamilton, The Cool Kids, Diggy, Dosage, and Lupe Fiasco.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: Banned Album Art.


This is honestly my favorite video part this year. Check the trick at 4:35... fuckin' rad. I am going skating today at 9 o'clock with my good friend, Landon. This video got me stoked.

Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr.Rager (Official Album Art)

Aston Martin Music - Rick Ross ft. Drake & Chrisette Michele (Official)

Customer Service

Award Tour has been in my 'go-to' daily blog lists for about a year now. They always keep everything original and fun. I ordered my first shirt after the haiti disaster in February, I thought it was a rad cause and I really liked the shirt. Super stoked when I saw this on the back of the package... 'Saskatoon, What Up. Keep It All Sort Of Funky'.
Recently, Phil and The Award Tour Fam dropped the Friends&Family Collection. Basically, made for the people that have been wanting some Award Tour ink... on a tee. The collection looked super rad, like always... nice and colorful with some great design. I unfortunately missed the drop due to 'Boy's Weekend in Edmonton'. Super bummed out when I realized this traveling between two prairie cities... with no internet. 

Customer Service is probably the most important thing in running an effective and fun business. As you probably already know, I manage a skate boutique-ish shop (Momentum Marketplace) in Saskatoon. I try to keep every customer that walks through the door feel great, by socializing about anything and everything. 

Check out this video of Phil & Friends, sending out the collection. The personalization that is put on every parcel... inspires me. While we get our clothing line designed it reminds me that every detail from the 'packaging' to the 'presentation' is important.

The Friends&Family Look Book

'Hand addressing every single package is one of those ideas that seems great with the first twenty packages…and then begins to get extremely tiring after about eight straight hours of personal time with sharpies, Award Tour shirts, and manila envelopes. But at the end of the day. It’s worth it. We’re firm believers that that hand written personal attention to detail makes all the difference in the world of Twitter, Tumblr, and “text me, don’t call me.” Hopefully you all feel the same, and can live with the fact that it takes a while longer for the packages to arrive on your doorstep.

About half of the packages are in the air as we speak, headed off on their way. The other half are preventing me from leaving my dorm room and should be gone within the next two days. I’m planning on the next drop, we’ll work on having that as quickly as possible as well! Hoping to get full runs of the Relax tees, World Wide, and Ivy Mountains. Perhaps some 1990 Sea Foam’s as well. Hell. We mine as well get them all again. More details to follow.

Thanks for the support everyone. Truly. It means a lot. To see the same people ordering over and over again is really inspiring and the reason I keep throwing these things out there. You guys make the brand what it is. Enjoy the video! Shouts to Ellington on the camera work.'- The Award Tour

California: Day 9. (July 23rd, 2010)

I know it's extremely weird to post about this like... 3 months later. But I don't give a fuck.

This was our last full day in California, so we wanted to have a relaxing day in the sun. My uncle being a Head Golf Professional at a PGA rated golf course (Steele Canyon), we thought golfing was a nice idea. So we 'dressed-up' in our fancy, classy and 'appropriate' golf attire. Then headed off to the course.
First off, we enjoyed a lovely meal on the nicest patio I have ever seen. I believe I had a Sirloin Burger(?)... Jennifer helped them out and became a waitress for a good whole minute.
My Aunt and Uncle are avid golfers... 
My Aunty was Women's Club Champion a lot.
We set off to the course, my Uncle (Colin Radchenko, look him up) got us on our golf carts and instructed us the etiquette of the game.
This picture seemed like a good one at the time... Rental clubs are always the way to go. I was waiting in my cart.
Never ever golf with women.

WDWWT, Golf Edition: Electric Shades, The Hundreds Cut&Sew Tee, 10DEEP Shorts, and Janoski's.
Me, Aunty Lana, Jen
The name Steele Canyon isn't just a name... It was actually a 'canyon'... hense this sign. I heard horror stories from my uncle of people driving carts off the cliffs...
The scenery was nice.
This was a farm?
Now introducing... Colin Radchenko
Lots of wildlife. Snakes and Rabbits...
Big ole clock.
After 9 holes, we felt like we were done golfing. We then enjoyed conversation and drinks in the club house.
I was super bummed that I left my business card at home. Jen and myself made lots of jokes about this.

We then all left for a mexican restaurant, we were all super tired.

This is the perks of being a champ.