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Award Tour has been in my 'go-to' daily blog lists for about a year now. They always keep everything original and fun. I ordered my first shirt after the haiti disaster in February, I thought it was a rad cause and I really liked the shirt. Super stoked when I saw this on the back of the package... 'Saskatoon, What Up. Keep It All Sort Of Funky'.
Recently, Phil and The Award Tour Fam dropped the Friends&Family Collection. Basically, made for the people that have been wanting some Award Tour ink... on a tee. The collection looked super rad, like always... nice and colorful with some great design. I unfortunately missed the drop due to 'Boy's Weekend in Edmonton'. Super bummed out when I realized this traveling between two prairie cities... with no internet. 

Customer Service is probably the most important thing in running an effective and fun business. As you probably already know, I manage a skate boutique-ish shop (Momentum Marketplace) in Saskatoon. I try to keep every customer that walks through the door feel great, by socializing about anything and everything. 

Check out this video of Phil & Friends, sending out the collection. The personalization that is put on every parcel... inspires me. While we get our clothing line designed it reminds me that every detail from the 'packaging' to the 'presentation' is important.

The Friends&Family Look Book

'Hand addressing every single package is one of those ideas that seems great with the first twenty packages…and then begins to get extremely tiring after about eight straight hours of personal time with sharpies, Award Tour shirts, and manila envelopes. But at the end of the day. It’s worth it. We’re firm believers that that hand written personal attention to detail makes all the difference in the world of Twitter, Tumblr, and “text me, don’t call me.” Hopefully you all feel the same, and can live with the fact that it takes a while longer for the packages to arrive on your doorstep.

About half of the packages are in the air as we speak, headed off on their way. The other half are preventing me from leaving my dorm room and should be gone within the next two days. I’m planning on the next drop, we’ll work on having that as quickly as possible as well! Hoping to get full runs of the Relax tees, World Wide, and Ivy Mountains. Perhaps some 1990 Sea Foam’s as well. Hell. We mine as well get them all again. More details to follow.

Thanks for the support everyone. Truly. It means a lot. To see the same people ordering over and over again is really inspiring and the reason I keep throwing these things out there. You guys make the brand what it is. Enjoy the video! Shouts to Ellington on the camera work.'- The Award Tour

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Thanks for the kind words dude!