event | Red Cup Party

Momentum Marketplace recently started carrying Primitive (a California based brand, focusing solely on skateboarding, and having a good time). Our shop being one of the only shops in Saskatchewan, I feel honored that my homie, Raj (Mehrathon Trading), even considered asking us to carry such a great brand at our shop. Being young and aspiring, I relate to this brand. Primitive has some big things in the near future, and so do we.

Organizing an event can be stressful and overwhelming, having an idea is one thing; making it happen is another. I have been planning the Red Cup Party for about 3 months ago with the help from Raj and Asif, the idea came from previous videos of the annual Primitive BBQ's; good people gathering together for conversation, beer, and a common interest : fashion/skateboarding/music.

*Shout out to Jurr for the flyer!

On Saturday (April 2nd), my hardwork and planning will finally have a result. Join us at Momentum Marketplace from 8PM to 10PM. Come socialize, check out the new Primitive Spring Collection, and enjoy the atmosphere provided.

Primitive has a great co-sign (P-Rod), we do too...

Stay tuned for coverage of the event!

In the mean time, check out JJ's interview with Jay Partow (Vice President of Primitive).