Cut & Sewn | Maestro X Hall Of Fame

Levi Maestro has been killing it the last two years with his Maestro Knows project. Single handedly changed the idea of a blog/video series. Changing it for the better, while incorporating a bunch of genres (music, skateboarding, fashion, streetwear) into one big project all while documenting his life. His style, uniqueness and creativity can not be taught in a book or class room. Maestro is an artist in his own genre that noone can duplicate. 

His creativity can not only be used in a blog or video, but also in fashion and streetwear. He has released quite a few collaborations this year, with the likes of: Los Angeles jeweler Shayan Afshar, 13TH Witness,  and Yue Wu. Each having it's own hype and story behind the product. Recently, Maestro teamed up with Hall Of Fame to produce this sweatshirt: 

Maestro has always been a huge supporter of Hall Of Fame, supporting them as a shopper... as well as an occasional visit during a Maestro Knows episode. I love collaborations with a story behind the product and when they work flawlessly together. This sweater is that case, everything about it is cool and original. The front logo gives off a simplistic look to the piece, while the back tells the entire story "Making My Way To The Hall Of Fame". At the rate Levi Maestro is working and progressing... I wouldn't be surprised if they made a "Hall Of Fame" for him.

Photos by Ryan Lusteg