Top 10 Twitter Accounts of 2010

#10 - @DOPEITSDOM - He tweets it like it is. 

#9 - @BunBTrillOG - Two reasons: 1) #Trill 2) "Can I get a RT?"

#8 - @NickyDiamonds - Huge retweeter and he does an awesome job on updating/previewing new collaborations/product drops.

#7 - @RealWizKhalifa - Ganja references e'eryday. Hilarious.

#6 - @TheophilusL - I don't know if Theophilus is always drunk? but his tweets are always pretty ridiculous and funny.

#5 - @rainnwilson - need I say more?

#4 - @Traphik - Have you seen him on youtube? Too funny.

#3 - @MrDonaldGlover - I discovered this guy after an endless amount of retweets by some of the people I follow. All I can say is you should follow him too and he is probably one of the best young comedians of our time.

#2 - @kanyewest - 2010 was Kanye's rebirth into the media world. Twitter was perfect for one of the most outspoken entertainers of our time. After the release of #runaway, #GOODFRIDAYS, and #MBDTF; he 'shutdown' twitter. Oh ya and that Twitter beef with the twitter-less Matt Lauer was hella funny.

#1 - @BobbyHundreds - Wittiest guy on twitter, you can't help but laugh at some of his tweets. I follow him only because he could tweet about his 'glamourous' lifestyle or about product drops but he leaves that all aside. Seems like a pretty rad guy.

Words by Brennan
Logos/Arrangement by Brennan

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