100 Days of Summer | part 17

On Saturday, Ryan (Hello Saskatoon) and myself were discussing the N*E*R*D/The Neptunes before their most recent albums 'Seeing Sounds' and the most recent, 'Nothing'. Reminiscing on old songs and the production behind it, comparing new artists to N*E*R*D and discussing the similarities/differences. It's funny to think that 'In Search Of...' was released 9 years ago (that was when I was 11 years old), and I now realize that N*E*R*D were a huge influence on my taste in music and fashion. With that being said... it encouraged me to take a listen to some of the songs that really influenced me as a kid. Enjoy!

Download: "Rock Star" - N*E*R*D
Download: "Maybe" - N*E*R*D
Download: "Us Placers" - CRS (Pharrell, Lupe, Kanye)

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