"KICKS/HI pull the covers off their Reebok Pump 20 offering. You’ve most likely seen this shoe’s form on multiple occasions as part of Reebok’s Pump 20 campaign as of late. The work of KICKS/HI takes on a literal approach to their surroundings incorporating the “Moana” (ocean) and its subsequent mythical properties such as healing, birth, death, re-birth and energy. Never one to question the power of the ocean, this theme is applied throughout the design with an ecological element thrown in as well. A more comprehensive insight into the design language can be seen below."- HYPEBEAST

These shoes are hella tight! The blue on blue... on blue colorway is a definite must have, blue splattered on white outsole is SO SICK! I want these more than any other PUMP 20 I've seen so far, and thats alot coming from me... I've liked/wanted every shoe I've seen on this campaign.

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