What Got Me Where I Am...

I want to thank anyone who has taught me, showed me, loved me, gave advice, employed me, gave me a chance, laughed with me and befriended me. You have helped me grow. If it wasn't for the people that I care about, I wouldn't enjoy life as much as I do right now. You are always there to: lend me a truck, watch Elf, talk, go to Tim Hortons, drink, and listen. If any of you apply to the above, this ones for you. My hardwork/skills would never have been broughten out if it wasn't for you. I finally found my place I call "home" and this is the kind of "life" I wanna live.

"It's funny how you ask me, how ever many years ago, did I ever think a time like this would come into play? I would have had to say 'no' because the truth is, I had no idea. Thats whats really cool about letting things happen and not worrying about the future. If your doing what your supposed to be doing, everythings gonna work its self out. Just like I told myself before you gotta work hard and do for yourself 'cuz nobody else is gonna do what you want for you"
-Maestro Knows.

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