Inspiration Monday.

Levi Maestro.

Levi Maestro, rising film maker, skater, blogger, and creator. At a young age, and coming up as a "nobody" (in a nice way) he has done alot for himself in the past couple years. Maestro Knows started as a personal blog (like inno), then the living in LA part of his life slowly made his creative mind, create great things. Quickly, he started meeting names like "Anthony Hamilton", and "Eric Koston". Which led to "bigger" projects, "Maestro Knows", an online show based around his day-to-day life in the LA area, meeting up with "big" name celebrities and creating videos with them. He has also produced: numerous footage for corporations, and musicians, as well as, a recently released tee shirt with "13TH Witness"(a up and coming photographer).

Levi inspires me because he is doing this all, at a young age. He prefers quality over quantity, which is key. I am hoping to learn from him and continue to grow over time, I have had a lot of good things happen to me, "career" wise, in the last year. It doesn't stop at success, it stops at perfection.

"Its Funny How You Ask Me How Ever Many Years Ago Did I Ever Think A Time Like This Would Come Into Play? I Would Have Had To Say No Because The Truth Is, I Had No Idea. Thats Whats Really Cool About Letting Things Happen And Not Worrying About The Future. If Your Doing What Your Supposed To Be Doing, Everythings Gonna Work Its Self Out. Just Like I Told Myself Before.. You Gotta Work Hard And Do For Yourself 'Cuz Nobody Else Is Gonna Do What You Want For You."-Levi Maestro.

Here is just a sample of what work he does:

Check Out More Work From Levi @ MaestroKnows

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