Fotography Fridays.

There are alot of people out there with a camera, people that shoot pictures at parties, people that think they are good at photography... then there are people that are photographers. Photography is an artform that can express your mood as a photographer and the mood of the people in your photos.

I met Jeremy Marucot a while back, when I was a young kid, shopping at Momentum. He is a great guy, and helped me get to where I want to be. Jeremy is an avid sneaker collector, and as he would say "over two hundy purr", he knows alot about shoes, clothing and ... photography.

Jeremy has been shooting photography for a while now. Learning as he goes, and a very good photo editor. Jeremy doesn't have a one type of photography that he "sticks" to, but he does have a distinct style that can be recognized as his. He did my grad photos last year, they turned out real good.

Here is some of Jeremy's work:

Check out more photos by Jeremy, and 1take photography; here.

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