I'm Just Embarrassed.

Every year, I cannot wait for NBA All-Star Weekend. Mainly, because I love to see the creativity in the Dunk Contest. Every Year, I would have a favorite, like Gerald Green, Andre Iguodala, Dwight Howard and Vince Carter. All those, were really entertaining years. Prior to those past winners, the NBA All-Star Committee were planning on getting rid of the Dunk Contest because the athletes weren't putting the creativity that is needed to entertain.

I have never been so disappointed in a Dunk Contest, usually I can find a characteristic to entertain me. But, this year the creativity was awful. Gerald Wallace being 6'7" and having a ridiculous 'reach' was dunking like he had cement shoes. Nate Robinson did his typical dunks that he did the previous years, he was just playing safe, I think he should just retire his dunks or think of something different. Shannon Brown was just boring... the only thing he did that was cool was... getting a previous Dunk Contest Winner(Kobe Bryant) to help him with the crowd. Demar Derozan should have won in my opinion, although he did do too much, he did 'soar' higher up than any contender.

Watch the video below, to see what I mean.

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