Never Thought I'd Say This.

Style in Streetwear has been moving soo fast! We are seeing cleanliness and simplicity in all things fresh and new, in apparel and footwear. Style and silhouettes are completely going in directions where we never thought possible, taking the silhouette from a mens dress shoe and putting it in something more streetwear-esque. Wingtips are hitting the footwear scene hard.

I have discovered a new sense of style and fashion from my friend JJ, knows what is what. Very ahead for his age. He always shows me what he likes from brands I would never even think about buying. Like Ransom for instance, Check out these Dune Boots by Ransom X Adidas, rip-stop on a mint green nylon... very clean. I like these alot, I wouldn't say I'd purchase them yet but!, I can now see the direction.

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