Tuesdays With W.I.L.T.

I honestly could not say that a year ago I had the same music taste. I think its maturity? or just a need for change? ... I have no idea what it is. Soul music used to be playing in my dads car all the time, even at his work.. I honestly could not handle it, too church-ish for me. But now I can say that Soul, and R&B music is probably my two favorite genres right now. My good friend Lindsay said to me last week, "You listen to alot of R&B, Your HipHop music is even more R&B then HipHop." I honestly find it mind boggling, how much someone can change there "style" and "taste" in a short year.. So... back to what your here for!..

Anthony Hamilton, has been playing at work, home and in my car for the past two months! Very, very chill Soul Music. My Favorite Album of his is "Ain't Nobody Worryin'", released in 2005.

Download: Aint Nobody Worryin', here.

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