Vampire Weekend!!

"No Mom, I don't have to dress-up like a vampire for my staff trip".

I was fortunate and priviledged to be invited by Asif Moola & Momentum, to Vampire Weekend Live in Edmonton. Me and 6 staff members hundled up in the good 'ole mini van, and headed 6 hours west. The trip was awesome. It was a hot and sweaty drive up. But we made it.

We stayed at The Metterra Hotel on Whyte, right beside Julio's Bar & Grill.

@ Julio's Bar... we consumed alcohol and tequila before heading to the concert(Vampire Weekend) at The Edmonton Events Center.

Vampire Weekend was soo good live, it was definitely as good or better then the CD.

After the amazing show. We went to a bar called Black Dog... We danced. hahah

Steve shouting out to his "sponsors", Mo and WeSC.

More Photos! Soon to Come!


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Derek said...

Julio's is the best! I hope you got a bulldog or 2.