SBC Business Magazine Tapped My Phones!

In October 2009, I received a phone call from a 'lovely' lady from SBC (one of Canada's Largest Skate/Snow Magazines). She was asking to speak to the person who was around the shop all the time(Myself). She continued to ask me various questions revolving around the subject: "Shop Rat". After numerous questions and approximately 13 minutes, we ended the conversation. Little did I know that my "quote" from the conversation... (That I didn't know was being recorded) was later put into the "Open Mic" section of the next SBC Business Magazine. 
For weeks and months, I was searching around the city to check if any store carried SBC Business Magazine. I searched and searched with no luck. In the start of the new year, I received a phone call from my boss and friend, Asif... He was at a trade show, and stumbled upon the SBC Business Mag... (Asif and Kent had no idea that I had an interview, but were reading the magazine to pass time) they informed me that they found my article, (when they said that... I totally thought "SHIT! what did I say? I can't remember!") and proceeded to laugh.
I thought it was ironic that they interviewed an "ex"? shop rat. All the employees at Momentum agreed that as well. See, I was that guy who stopped in every day and looked around for hours, chatted with Jurr, looked at shoes, and then came back&bought items.

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