Check out this 'WDYWT' from FTFU! Shout out to ... Dallas Siemens from Hello Saskatoon for this summer look, Ryan Mack from Hello Saskatoon for the photos, and Jeremy Marucot for the logo; I supplied the arrangement of photos (photoshop) haha.

• The Hundreds “Rosewood” Zip-Up Hoodie
• Obey Tee
• Uniqlo Denim
• Black/White Janoski’s (Nike SB)
Favorite Brand(s)? HUF, Alife, Hello Saskatoon
What are you listening to right now? 
92.9 The Bull, Drake, The Roots
Favorite athlete(s)? Kobe Bryant
Favorite Website(s)/Blog(s)?
Hello SaskatoonThe Weather Network, The Award Tour
What influences your style?
The weather, and my mood.
What’s your favorite thing about the shops?
The people/atmosphere.

“When Dallas isn’t working hard; selling refrigerators at Rona, you can find him at Momentum Marketplace being a ’shop rat’ … every Saturday”-Brennan Elliott

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