Acid Washing Part 1.

I have wanted a pair of "acid washed" denim for quite some time now. Recently, I had a talk with a good friend of mine (Tim) and he mentioned that he acid washed one of the tee's he was wearing using bleach. So, I decided to give it a try, I recently got my old baggy Kr3w blue jeans tapered (from the expertise, Tina's Tailoring):
p.s. These aren't actually my legs or my jeans. Just a product shot of the before tapered jeans.

So, tonight at approx. 11:30 pm I built up the courage to sneak away into the garage with bleach, a towel, a home made tank, and my freshly fitted denim to experiment with the concept. First, set up in the garage... laying down a towel, and rolling up my jeans. Second, after realizing I locked myself in the garage, waking up my mother and lying to her "I was just putting something in the garbage, and forgot my keys!"... I went inside to soak my denim and tank in cold water. Wringing them out so, they aren't soaked. Third, laying them flat to begin the splatter of the bleach, keeping in mind that you need to spread out the excess bleach to apply a more "natural" pattern. Fourth, letting them sit for about 5-10 minutes, then taking them to the washing machine to clean the "itchy" chemical from the pieces. I heard that you will need to wash them more than once to get rid of the itchy feeling from the denim. We will have to see though. I will provide some more information and pictures in a later post. ListenUp.

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