California: Day 2. (July 16th, 2010) Part 1.

We spent the early part of the day, hanging out around my Aunties house in SanDiego. I sat on the deck editing pictures for the blog and enjoying a bagel in the sun.
After I finished the first 'California update', I skated down the street(5 minutes) to the community outdoor leisure center. My family was swimming in the pool, so I joined them. On the way back to the house, It was dope... I got to skate down this very steep hill, super fun. 

This is my Aunty and Uncle's house, it's in a gated community over looking the charger stadium. Really nice area, walking distance to a lot of shops and restaurants.

My Uncle had planned a surprise for us, he got us tickets to the Padre Game at Petco Park. So, we headed to downtown area. We walked from the Convention Center(we parked underground there)... This is where Comic Con was taken place a couple of days later!
This is a Metro Rail. I wish we had one of these things in Saskatoon.
We arrived at Petco Park! A very nice stadium, new home to the SanDiego Padres.

Our Uncle(being a PGA golf pro) knows a lot of people, let's just say that he has connections. We got to view the Padre batting practice, and get the V.I.P. experience. 
p.s. that 'green F' stands for field.
Down through the tunnel, onto the field.
They played the DiamondBacks from Arizona, that guy with the bat has a super dope last name.
Stay Tuned, More Posts About The Trip Are Coming Up. ListenUp.

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