California: Day 2. (July 16th, 2010) Part 2.

After batting practice, we got another surprise. The man on the left (forget his name) gave us the V.I.P treatment, thanks to my PGA professional uncle. We were taken to the luxury 'area'. This is the 'lounging' area where you can watch the game with big screen TV's... AND... all you can eat desserts, and candy all for $Free.99.

This is a restaurant inside the luxury 'area'.

Retro Jersey... DOPE.

After getting the 'grand ' tour. We began to experience the typical baseball environment.

We all got Padre Jersey's for free from the very nice man.

My aunty works for a company that has there own box seating, so we kicked it there for a bit.

This is me. Getting psyched for the game.
Pre-game meal. Hot dogs were really good.

It was time.

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