Mo Market Skate BBQ!

I have been planning and brain storming a fundraiser/event for the community for quite sometime. About 2 weeks ago after having a discussion with Kent(Outtabounds) about what I was thinking about planning (BBQ/Skate event), He agreed that it was a great idea. Little did I realize that the best possible date for this idea was in approx. 2 weeks (end of school for high-school students)... basically a perfect kick off to summer!

After 24 hours of planning and numerous discussions with other staff, I got everything written down and finalized. We thought of fundraisers over and over again. But, the one that stuck out most to me was The Canadian Cancer Society. Recently, one of my friends/staff member's father passed away from cancer. I felt like I should sort of throw this for her and her family. Cancer is one of the most common illness' in the world, My Grandpa passed away when I was 14... I was devastated, He was not only the funniest person I have every met but one of the many people that has effected my life in a positive way.

Once, we had everything planned it was ready to go. We had a lot of sponsors that were stoked to help this event out... Co-op, Vitamin Water, Sous Chef, Dr.J, and Single Second. Co-op supplied the buns, Vitamin Water supplied refreshments, Sous Chef donated there water, Dr. J brought the entertainment, and Single Second generously donated there ever so popular t-shirts.

After looking online at the weather I noticed it was supposed to be a horrible rainy/stormy day... I was starting to get worried. Rain, DJ's, Skateboarding and BBQ's aren't a good mix! I began to think of back up plans. After, Asif(momentum) left for South Africa/World Cup... I knew that I was the one to make the 'executive' decisions.

On, June 21st 2010 (Day Before the BBQ) I had a quick skate sesh with some of the boys. It was a mellow sesh. I wanted to practice up. But, soon figured out that this was already a shitty performance on my part, and to top it all off... I tried to shuvit over something... landed super awkwardly and dropped to the floor... this meant I couldn't skate for a while... and definitely not at the BBQ. I was super bummed out after that.

The BBQ went really well, we had a lot of skaters come out! As well as, a lot of BBQ lovers! haha. We ended up raising $300 for Cancer. Super good turn out.

More coverage to come!

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