California: Day 7. (July 21st, 2010)

We just relaxed around the house and then went for a walk.
We stumbled upon Batting Cages and a Driving Range at the bottom of the Canyon. I was pretty bad at baseball. I played 'little league' as a kid... but obviously was not meant to play it.
I was alot better at golf... look at that form.
After enjoying the Driving Range and Batting Practice... We were heading to the beach to play beach volleyball. My Aunty and Uncle are in a beach volleyball league... which is pretty cool. No ref, just for fun. So after our Cali relatives sized us up... Canadians who play volleyball (Mom has been playing volley ball for over 20 years, she also went to 'Worlds' in 2007 for volleyball. Leo played college volleyball or something. Jen, has been playing volleyball for about 6 years, club and school. I just played Senior Volleyball, and I am 6'3".) I thought they made a good 1 game deal, after seeing the team. Mainly, over the age of 50... We were in for a treat.
This is me... After we lost... Such a shitty game. Keeping in mind we played against only two people... We had four subs. They were pretty athletic though.
After the utter defeat... We headed over to a really nice beachside restaurant.
It started to get dark, and I got tired.

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