California: Day 8. (July 22nd, 2010)

It was so miserable that day, It was cold and windy. We went to the beach, I do not know why. People were swimming in the ocean, I couldn't understand that.

This isn't normally what I would wear to the beach:

Diamond Crew Neck, Comune Waxed Denim, and Futura Dunk Highs.

After about three hours of complaining about the weather on the beach. It finally got nice. I changed because I started to sweat.

The pigeon were back and better than ever...

Then it began to get cloudier and colder, so we left to do some shopping.

I was pretty excited to go shop because I heard about a cool sneaker boutique when I stopped by 5&ADime, they told me to check out Blends. Blends was super hard to find though, GPS told us it was at one place but when we got there, we were 3 blocks away from it, so we walked there.

I was super stoked when I got there, they had a NikeSB campaign for breast cancer going on. They had a DJ in-store, free drinks, and had these on display for bidding:

Keep A Breast was the campaign, it was exclusively to the 3 Blends stores in Cali.

There layout of the store was my favorite I have ever seen. Each shoe was properly displayed on the wall like a gallery for art. They carried the likes of... Jordan, Nike, Nike SB, Vans OTW, Converse Black Flag, and more.
I picked up some black suede Converse Black Flag boat shoes for $55.

The Campaign co-sided with the re-release of the Brainwreck Dunk High (that I already have) and the likes of other Todd Bratrud works.
The Brainwrecks were displayed along the way, I really liked this look.

They did carry some clothing, but it was minimal, and only carried 'Premium'(quote) garments.

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