Maestro’s got 7

It’s only right that I begin my first & only interview series with my cohort in creation….13th Witness. One of our next generations most individually creative, respectable, and acclaimed photographers. Give it up or give in, either way we’re all winning.

What type of animal, fictional character or social figure could you compare yourself to & why?
A Monster cause I don’t give a s**t, because my work is my life, my life is my work. If I dont rep for myself, who will?

How many languages do you speak & at what age did you learn each?
I speak 3, being that my mother is French I grew up speaking French with her and english with my father,
it was my second language just like any other friends I had who had parents that immigrated to America.
I learned my 3rd language (Japanese) after moving to Japan straight out of high school. I remember seeing and hearing all these things around me and wanted to know more, so I dedicated myself to learning the language and after about 2 years I was well able to get by.

What effects did living in Japan for 4 years have on your life?
It made me see the world differently. It gave me experiences that molded me to be who I am today.
Without Japan, there may have never been a 13th WITNESS, real talk.

So then Japan played a dominant influence in your creativity and need to showcase the world through your eyes?
Absolutely. It visually inspired me to capture life, colors, movements, people and essentially the world around me.

Can you list 3 words in order of importance that describe your creative process?
Witness.Capture.Share or Witness.Capture.Create.

Who are your top 3 favorite creators of all time?
Director – Kubrik.
Artist – Futura.
Music – Tribe Called Quest.

Do you think one day you will let me buy that BAPE coffee table you have?
Surely, but only if you buy it with the matching rug.

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