Cut & Sewn | The Hundreds Public Label Winter'10

The Hundreds is what originally kicked started my role into the fashion/streetwear world. I was infatuated with the originality and creativity a tee shirt could bring to your image. I remember the first tee shirt I bought from Momentum 8th Street, 'Drawing Black Lines' were printed on the back; being really into painting and drawing... I liked it alot. 

After 13 seasons of heavy representation of The Hundreds goods billboarded over my body. I found myself growing up and out of the typical streetwear look that The Hundreds had been known for in the past. They have always been inspired by hip-hop, skateboarding, surf, punk cultures all reminiscent in the 80's to millennium; all things that I have been influenced by. But lately I have found that I have been leaning towards a more classy, fashionable image.

Years ago, when the first couple cut & sew pieces (selvedge denim, wovens, custom fleece and outerwear) were introduced to The Hundreds line-ups the original concept was to title the collections "Public Label" to give it different look and attract a whole new audience that maybe weren't interested in buying a graphic tee, hoodie or hat. But they ditched the "Public Label" title and released The Hundreds as a whole.

They are bringing "Public Label" as its own line. Focusing on a collection of higher-end, concept driven, wearable goods. A mature look for a modern man; who is into sophisticated looks, quality with palatable colors, and focused on what is 'now' in the fashion world. I truly am stoked on this, I have been more interested on dressing mature, and fashion oriented. I also can appreciate when a brand can properly conduct a concept or look. The Hundreds did not miss a hint of creativity or uniqueness while executing a new concept; important to anyone focused on what is now.

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