Fotography Fridays | Ryan Lusteg

I just found out about Lusteg's work about a week or so ago. I really like his art. He doesn't really have a set style of photography. Some photographers are really good at capturing feelings, some are good at capturing unique situations. It's pretty cool that he is super well known for his work in the skate world, but then I checked out his other works. And this is what intrigued me:

Anciet Mayan Cenote - This is so fucking cool. I love the colours.

Bird - Almost looks like a painting. Colours are crazy.

BJ the Chicago Kid - Reminds me of summer. 

Jamie Thomas - This is my favorite skate photo. Reminds me of skateboarding all alone in my garage, good times.

Levi Maestro - Super dope photo, I like the way he captured feeling.

Levi Maestro - I guess this was shot in Hawaii. I like the irony: "Under Achieving Loners". ahha

Levi Maestro - Another dope photo in Hawaii at sunset.

Mycole - Remember him?

Nelly the mouse - I hope this is a pet.

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