100 Days of Summer | part 33

Tonight is a pretty exciting night for us. J.Cole is in Saskatoon for the first time, and we both get to see him perform before his first album releases (Cole World: The Sideline Story // September 27th). Seeing an artist perform before he releases his first album is pretty hard to come by, especially an artist with such an amazing career ahead of him. I am stoked, tonight will be a good time.
In celebration of tonight, I would like to share some of my favourite Cole tracks of all time. Enjoy!

"Killers" - J. Cole
"Grown Simba" - J. Cole
"In The Morning" - J. Cole ft. Drake
"Home For The Holidays" - J. Cole
"You Got It" - J. Cole ft. Wale
"Higher" - J. Cole
"Lights Please" - J. Cole
"Hold It Down" - J. Cole
"A Star Is Born" - Jay-Z ft. J. Cole
"Beautiful Bliss" - Wale ft. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole
"Disgusting" - J. Cole
"Lost Ones" - J. Cole

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