Phillip Annand Talks.

"At any rate, My good friend Kevin Lanre runs a program over in the UK called Street Talk. Basically they walk around London and get into all sorts of grand conversations with blokes of all sorts. Generally, interesting things tend to get underway over the course of these conversations and I’ve become a pretty large fan of the show since stumbling across it way back. It’s also probably important to mention that I believe Kevin was the second person to interview me for anything “Award Tour” related. Way back when it the collection was four shirts and no one really cared about what some kid in New Jersey was printing up in his spare time, well..except Kevin I guess. Enough nonsense, Kevin and his bruvs flew over to NYC this Summer and shot a bunch of episodes. They got me to sit down and chat some absolute nonsense. Hopefully you enjoy."-The Award Tour

Phillip is a very creative and inspiring human being. He is working with big names like Hypebeast, and Maestro, to name a few. Although still very humble, You will see alot of great things from him in the future. Can't wait to see what The Madbury Club will bring to the table.

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