Thanks, We Are Official.

"and the winner is"

As you can see, we look more "official". We got a official web address(, you can now find us on Twitter, and we got a professional header. All of these changes are for the better, keeping everything fresh/up to date.

"although, this wasn't the one I choose. It looks super good!"

But all of these great changes wouldn't have happened without the help of Randy Farkas. Randy, use to be one of my co-workers at Momentum/Outtabounds. He is a great guy, very talented and smart. He just discovered ListenUp, about a week ago. He saw potential in us, and wanted to help out, with numerous emails about domain searching and hooking me up with a couple of headers and advice. We are stoked/priviledged to work with Captive Audience.

"He designed this logo for 2ND Nature"

Although, missed from the Momentum/Outtabounds roster. I am happy for him, now working at Captive Audience, enjoying his job. All the best in the future.
Twitter: Randy.

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