B.o.B - May 25th Mixtape

Finally! My favorite of XXL's hip-hop 09' freshmen: B.o.B, has just dropped his latest mixtape. Download it here. I truly believe he is a breath of fresh air and the future of hip-hop, which has increasingly been all about "Patron, swag and Auto-tune." Not only is he a rapper, a singer AND a producer, but he is known to play several instruments as well.

His full-length album, which is coming out on, you guessed it, May 25th, is titled The Adventures of Bobby Ray. It is rumored to feature the likes of Lupe Fiasco, T.I. and Eminem. Be sure to check out his excellent first single Nothing On You featuring Bruno Mars.

If you're interested in checking out B.o.B, 2dopeboyz has provided an excellent link to all of B.o.B's previous mixtapes and collections.

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