Carlos Zarazua on Transworld.

The Hundreds Skate Team is good.

Carlos Zarazua

Age: 22
Home: The Valley, California
Sponsors: The Hundreds, DVS, almost, Select wheels, Force trucks, Primitive, Mountain Dew
Winter skate destination: Anywere I wouldn’t be able to normally, because people are on Christmas break.
Food you can’t live without: Chipotle.
Daily visited Websites: Follow me @zarazua1987.
Am who should be pro: Windsor James.
Best video of 2009: The Zero video.
Hot warm-up spot: Pedlow or the Pacoima park.
Recommended reading: My tweets.
Why video parts still matter: ’Cause it helps the skate industry and public that you’re not just sitting on your ass all day or just lurking at the skatepark.
Biggest waste of money: Gas and cigs.
Last pool you skated: Pedlow skatepark.
Favorite skater of all time: Andrew Reynolds.
What you’d do if the world ended tomorrow: Nothing because the world ended, haha.

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