Award Tour.

Award Tour has inspired me, since the first time JJ (inno) showed me his blog. He seems to do everything just right. Blogging about everything from; music to fort-making, from art projects to the fashion thing. Phillip Annand is the owner and creator of Award Tour. If you haven't seen it for yourself, do so.

Here is a product shot for Award Tour's upcoming line up. I am thoroughly stoked on this. I have the Award Tour Haiti Tee, I like it alot... Design is great, wish I would have copped a medium though.
Here is what was said on Award Tour underneath this shot :

I figure beautifully shot pictures of upcoming product are more enjoyable than anything else, so I won’t even try to come around and spew a bunch of nonsense to fill up space.  Orders are placed, cotton is being flown back and fourth across the country in the production cycle.  Only a few weeks out from the new Award Tour drop.  It’s been a long, long time.  This should be enjoyable.
Stay Safe-Phil.

Can't Wait!

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